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Free spritied. Fun. Eclectic. Whimsical. Natural. The Cobb Hill woman is a free-spirited individual who relishes new experiences and putting new twists on old ones. She uses her wardrobe, shoes and accessories as a way to keep things fresh and unpredictable. She also likes to have fun. Never satisfied to sit around the house, she is always planning and plotting her next adventure or, better yet, enjoying a spontaneous one. She is also very eclectic and her house is a unique mix of different styles that somehow go perfectly together. The same is true for taste in music, food and art. The Cobb Hill woman is also full of whimsy. She never takes anything to seriously and always likes to find the humor in any situation – or create her own. Finally, she is a natural. Natural in the she looks (never too much make-up) and natural in the things she likes to do, whether its heading out for a run, exploring the country or just hanging out in her favorite café.

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