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Winter boots specialist Superfit has one mission: to provide your children as well as the whole family with the warmest waterproof boots possible to get through Canadian winters. Our company offers a variety of children’s shoes and baby boots collections, and a selection of women and men’s boots that are versatile, fashionable and practical. We guarantee that our Canadian-design waterproof winter boots will keep your feet warm and dry.

Superfit’s range of boots and shoes design in Canada are comfortable, long-lasting and stylish. Our affordable baby shoes come in an array of sizes and styles that are sure to please both parents and children, meeting the needs of the entire family!

In order to ensure maximum comfort, Superfit developed a variety of processes and techniques that make their products genuine works of art! In addition to being made with long-lasting, comfortable and thermal materials, our shoes are equipped with innovative features like the Thermostatic insoles that enable the boot to retain heat from the feet. Superfit designs its models with practicality in mind: zippers, cushioned straps and more. Every need is catered for!

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