Founded by New England ski instructors Peter and Patty Duke in 1994, the SmartWool company inspires an active and adventurous lifestyle. SmartWool offers year-round, top quality technical clothing for men, women and children. At the heart of all SmartWool products is a keen attention to performance and comfort, derived from nature’s finest Merino wool. In 2005, SmartWool signed an exclusive contract to source all of its amazing Merino wool from the New Zealand Merino Company. 

On top of creating better performance products, SmartWool has succeeded in ensuring sustainability for sheep farmers, and improving the welfare of animals through ZQ™, an accreditation program designed to provide a means to trace end products to their source. SmartWool encourages all companies, including competitors, to support sustainability and fair trade.

What does comfort mean to a body in motion? It means an effectively regulated core temperature, heart rate and lactic acid build up. SmartWool strives to enhance outdoor activities by managing moisture better than regular cotton and synthetics. When you’re comfortable, you can stay out doing what you love for longer, whether it’s hiking, biking or skiing. No matter what you call your outdoors, SmartWool will help you find that joy and be a part of it.

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