Ice Breaker

Then Sir Peter Blake, a Kiwi yachting hero, wore a prototype Icebreaker top and leggings for 40 days and nights in a row while setting a world circumnavigation record. His enthusiastic (and free) endorsement gave Jeremy the confidence to throw everything he had into launching Icebreaker.

But everything he had still wasn’t much. Jeremy convinced the bank to loan him NZ$20,000 by saying he needed it to put in a new kitchen. And then eight investors generously – and optimistically – each agreed to put NZ$25,000 into the fledgling company (two of them, Peter Travers and Noel Todd, are still on the Icebreaker board today).

Today, the Icebreaker apparel system has grown to include underwear, mid layer garments, outerwear, socks and accessories for men, women and kids. You can buy Icebreaker in more than 4700 stores in 50 countries.

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