Dockers® khakis have embodied the true spirit of khaki for nearly twenty-five years. The source of that spirit? Uncompromising dedication to quality and authenticity. 

Round out your look with timeless Dockers pants in classic cuts. With soft comfort and versatile style, khakis, jeans, and shortsare essential for a great-looking wardrobe. Bothmen’s pants and women’s come in a full range of fits to accompany any wardrobe. 

In addition to those fundamental clothing pieces, Dockers shoes offers products with their signature comfort. Using the highest quality leathers and materials, Dockers shoes provide the same flexibility and straightforward style, perfect for a day in the office or a night on the town. With styles ranging from sandals to loafers, Dockers offers an array of options to increase the versatility of your attire. 

From day to night and from Monday to Sunday, Dockers products have the perfect piece to match any need. Put on your own, personal style and avoid the trendy fluff that you can't wear past a season. Your fashion is genuine and your attire is Dockers.



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