Cushe® ( pronounced 'Cushy') established in 2004, is a UK based footwear brand that offers unique and exciting footwear choices for and inspired by the dynamic, inspired and confident generation. The name Cushe is meant to reflect a way of life the the design led company and its staff aspire to. Cushe was set up as a direct response to the global brands that dominate the lifestyle footwear market. The aim with the brand is to make something a bit different, unique and set apart from the masses, challenging the boundaries of footwear design rather than following trends set by others.

Cushe pays extra attention to detail - the little things you can and can't see that make Cushe products that extra bit unique and special. Cushe utilizes the latest manufacturing techniques, and the most innovative materials to ensure their products conform to the foot's natural shape, ensuring comfort, protection and stability. Each shoe's design is thought through, making sure that only the best components and constructions are used. Every shoe in the collection reflects the passion, commitment and enthusiasm of the Cushe team.



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