The history of slippers goes back to the 12th century in Vietnam. In the West, records of people wearing them can be traced only to the 1400s. Regardless of how long people have been pulling on slippers, in Canada or around the world, one thing men, women and children can all agree on is how important they are to wear around the house, cottage or even hotel. Men, women and families in Canada especially appreciate protecting their feet from cold floors in winter.

From leather mukluks to foam slip-ons, slippers have a special place in the hearts and on the feet of men and women, across Canada and beyond. Choose from many well-known brands, including Manitobah Mukluks, Lamo, Eugene Cloutier, Ugg, FoamTreads, Bearpaw, Sorel, Earth, Woolrich, Glerups, Lambskin Specialities, Skechers, Merrell, Birkenstock and Timberland.