Synonymous with quality and with more than one-hundred years of experience designing renowned waterproof leather boots, Blondo emphasizes comfort-fashion and offers great functionality and versatility. With a reputation built by passionate people and the charmingly-versatile silhouette of their boots, Blondo boots can be worn to work, to the movies in the evening, or out in the snow for a walk on the weekend. A combination of feminine appeal and high quality manufacturing result in the highest quality boots for your feet and fashion concerns.

AquaProtect® is an innovation of which Blondo is particularly proud. Used in the complete range of Blondo footwear, the AquaProtect® process includes high quality waterproof leathers combined with sealed seams and outsoles. The end result is a better protection against water getting into the footwear, as well as a guard against the harmful effects of sidewalk salt.


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