Algeria was created in 2008 by a leading maker of therapeutic footwear, PG Lite. The key idea behind Algeria is to create a "place" where" happiness meets wellness. Originally a Spanish word, the translation of "Algeria" is joy and happiness, feelings the shoemaker hopes you will get from wearing their shoes! Algeria believes strongly in colour theory, and as a result, shoes are designed in bright colours with unique prints that are fashionable, enhance your mood, and will also enhance the mood of those around you.

Quality is important to PG Lite, and as a result, each pair of Algeria brand shoes are stitched by hand with genuine leather and suede, and carry Algeria's signature rocker bottom outsole. Algeria's Perfect Fit Footbed System means that not only do Algeria shoes look good and make you feel good, they also are great for your feet. The Perfect Fit Footbed System, Algeria's special rocker outsoles, is designed to reduce pressure on your heel by rolling naturally, encouraging proper posturer and a normal gait as additional benefits.

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