Spring Favourites from Quarks: Teva

With summer around the corner, we’re taking a look at one of our favourite sandal brands: Teva. If you’re looking for that comfortable, sturdy sandal for hiking, playing with the kids or a trip to the beach, Teva has you covered.

Why We Love Them

Teva takes comfort and design very seriously. Significant research is conducted to ensure the shoe or sandal you are buying is developed specifically to suit your every need. Every product is designed with a unique purpose and user in mind. Rounded heels, grippy rubber soles and unique support systems are not only there for look, but rather function.

Teva is the ultimate designer when it comes to pairing look and functionality and they’ve done a great job at understanding their consumer. Offering hundreds of features for specific uses it’s hard to determine what key features are our favourite, but here are a few:

Function and Fashion

Functionality and practicality does not have to mean unstylish and Teva does an excellent job of demonstrating that. All Teva shoes and sandals are created to perform excellently, which they do, but they certainly don’t forget about the fashion aspect. Teva’s Capri is an excellent example of this perfect marriage. The modern, dainty sandal is on par with high fashion trends yet provides a reliable grip sole and sturdy support throughout.

Rounded Heels

The heel is the first point of contact with the ground so it’s very important when it comes to the design of a shoe. Most shoes offer a sharp angle on the back of the heel, where the heel meets the sole. A sharp angle does not allow for a smooth rolling step and creates more distance from the ground to your foot, therefore, creating less stability. A rounded heel, found on many Teva products, allows for a smooth, rolling step and minimizes the distance from the ground to your heel, ensuring stability with every step.

Velcro Straps

A great shoe isn’t so great if it doesn’t fit properly. Teva uses velcro straps to allow you to secure the sandal as needed. The activity will determine the fit needed, and Teva understands that.

At Quarks, we are focused on comfort and style, and Teva fits right in with the best of them. For a closer look, visit our store to see Teva for yourself!