Spring Favourites from Quarks: Clarks

For many, the thought of Clarks provoke the idea of comfort and durability, however, Clarks has been wowing us with trendy little numbers over the past few years. Coupled with Clarks’ classic comfort factor, Clarks is becoming the go-to brand for high-fashion, on trend shoes that are fit for spring.

Why We Love Clarks

Clarks has a history, and a rather fine one at that! The Clarks brand, started by two brothers, was developed in 1825 with the introduction of the sheepskin slipper. With almost 190 years of designing, testing and developing shoes, we definitely feel comfortable putting our feet in their “hands”...or shoes.

Key Features

High Fashion and Comfort

Is this combination even possible? After putting on a Clarks shoe, you’ll quickly realize the answer to that question is YES! For once, a brand who understands fashion, yet also understands the importance of comfort. After your first Clarks purchase, you’ll soon wonder how or why you wore anything else.

Unique Options

Many of us have hard-to-fit feet which makes finding trendy, comfortable shoes almost impossible. Clarks is one of the few fashionable brands that address this issue by offering full and half sizes, with an array of width fitting options available.

Exceptional Quality

A company does not stay in business 189 years if they do not have a superior product, and that’s exactly it. From the very beginning, Clarks has been innovative with design, however, they have always  been sure to never compromise quality and comfort. To this day, this philosophy remains true and that’s exactly why Clarks is on our favourites list!

Like Clarks, style and comfort is Quarks’ main focus so it’s only natural that we love them! Visit our store to see our full selection of shoes & sandals from Clarks