QuarkStyle Behind the Brands: Manitobah Mukluks

Mukluks are a soft boot traditionally made of reindeer skin or sealskin and were originally worn by Arctic aboriginal people, including the Inuit and Yupik. The term mukluk is often used for any soft boot designed for cold weather and modern designs are often similar to high-top athletic shoes. Moccasins are shoes, made of deerskin or other soft leather, consisting of a sole and sides made of one piece of leather, stitched together at the top, and sometimes with a vamp (additional panel of leather). Historically, it is the footwear of many Indigenous peoples of North America; moreover, hunters, traders, and European settlers wore them.

Aboriginal footwear has always been an iconic part of Canadian heritage, but this traditional footwear has made its way onto runways around the world and can seen on the feet of trendsetters in the streets of the worlds most fashionable cities.

As a Canadian owned and operated company, Quarks is proud to partner with Manitobah Mukluks, another local company proud of its Canadian Heritage. Manitobah Mukluks has grown from a tiny native crafts outlet to a thriving commercial operation, providing employment and taking the worldwide fashion industry by storm. The 100% Aboriginal-owned company was founded by two Métis siblings from Winnipeg with a passion for keeping their heritage and culture alive. Their stunning original footwear balancing traditional and contemporary elements is sold in retail outlets around the globe.

The company operates three facilities; a head office and production facility located in Winnipeg, a 12,000 square foot warehouse also located in Winnipeg, and then a Global sales and brand office located just outside of Gatineau Quebec.

Manitobah Mukluks are made up almost 100% natural and traditional materials. Different types of leathers are used, from deer, moose, cowhides, to suedes. Different types of high quality sheepskins are used for the footbeds to provide warmth and comfort. Manitobah Mukluks has recently introduced their newest urban mukluk that uses a Vibram rubber sole on the bottom to make it more applicable for urban wear. Check out the Manitobah Mukluks collection of both Mukluks and Moccasins in the store.