Quarkstyle Behind The Brand: UGG

Ugg is the familiar brand that originated on the sandy shores of Australia’s surfing paradise and made its way to North America. From surfers to supermodels, today people everywhere don Ugg boots and shoes in all seasons. So, how did this all come about?

Back in the late 1800’s, sheepskin boots were first worn by Australian shepherds who fashioned leather straps around sheepskin to warm their feet and ankles. By the 1930’s, several manufacturers started selling sheepskin boots in small batches, leading up to the Australian World War I when pilots laced up sheepskin boots to prevent frostbite. Most notably, in the 1970’s, surfers in Australia's Byron Bay donned sheepskin boots on the beach in between waves. Later, in 1978, UGG founder and surfer, Brian Smith landed in Southern California, bringing with him a bag of sheepskin boots and a dream.



Brian Smith’s vision was to unleash the unbelievably comfortable sheepskin boots to the world and raise them to legendary status. The passion behind the UGG brand is evident. While the UGG brand symbolizes those who embrace a laid-back, active lifestyle, underneath that symbol is the emotional connection that has evolved for UGG boots. People everywhere have fallen in love with their boots and the UGG culture. Celebrities and fashion icons the world over have embraced the casual lifestyle of the UGG brand. Fashionistas of all ages and backgrounds have been spotted proudly sporting their UGG boots, including Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Aniston, Bruce Willis, and even rock musician, Ronnie Wood!

While the UGG brand has become synonymous with its sheepskin boot, the popularity of the signature style has allowed UGG to branch out and offer an array of sandals, slippers, shoes and boots. UGG is committed to maintaining their reputation as an authentic brand offering high quality products and Quarks is proud to be one of the retailers of the UGG brand in Canada.

Quarks is pleased to carry a range of Ugg boots and products. Stop by our store to get your favourite Ugg style today!