QuarkStyle Behind The Brand: Clarks

The Clarks brand is synonymous with innovation and superiour quality. As a brand, Clarks' mission it so inspire, imagine and create, with integrity. At their core, Clarks' passion is to "listen to our customers and deliver a product that allows the consumer to feel the pride, respect and trust of everyone at The Clarks Companies". Clarks is involved in a number of initiatives aimed at social responsibility, including environmental stewardship programs, employment and working conditions standards and a variety of charitable campaigns. 

So where does the story begin? Let's go back to 1825. It all started with Cyrus Clark and his brother James, sheepskin tanners from Somerset, England. The aha! moment came in 1830 when James created sheepskin slippers from scrap in the shop. Fast forward twenty years to the 1850s, during which William Clark (with the help of the new Singer sewing machines!) created 'hygienic' shoes, a line which followed the natural shape and line of the foot. It was during this time that Clark established its reputation for foot-friendly shoes. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Today, there are over 1000 Clarks stores in over 160 countries around the world. Clarks leads the footwear industry in terms of innovation and quality. The brand features over seven patented technologies that will change the way you wear shoes.

  • Their Clarks Active Air® technology features cushioned footbeds and durable soles, making even the highest heels comfortable.
  • Imagine a breath of fresh clean, cool mountain air. Now imagine that for your feet. The Clarks Unstructured® collection features a unique air circulation system that brings in air from outside, and internal air channels that vent away moist air. 
  • Privo Soleassage® from Clarks features tiny raised bumps on cushiond footbeds, giving you a personal foot massage everywhere you go. Better circulation, airflow and comfort are the result (not to mention a little more bounce in your step!). 

Clarks products give new meaning to fashion vs. function. Every product is designed to add comfort to your step, no matter what your style may be. Here are a few our favourite iconic Clarks originals. Read more about the Clarks brand, and see the quality for yourself!