Quarks and Bobs Give 3000 Pairs of Shoes to Youth in Need!

A Charity Event Like No Other Hits Winnipeg

BOBS by Skechers is a unique charitable program where Skechers donates a new pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase of BOBS. To date, Skechers has donated over 6 million pairs of shoes! Wow, right? We here at Quarks were thrilled and absolutely honored to be part of the first Canadian Skechers BOBS charity event!

The Event

On Saturday, May 31 the Quarks team partnered up with Skechers and CanU, an inner-city youth mentoring program, to provide 3000 pairs of Skechers BOBS shoes to Winnipeg youth in need.

Thousands of kids, along side their parents headed down to Winnipeg’s Central Park to receive a pair of BOBS by Skechers. The line, although large, proved to be no issue as Buzz, Boomer and Mickey Moose made their rounds and greeted each excited youth. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers Cheer Team were out in full force, pumping up the crowd and teaching the children how to cheer.

The Quarks team and CanU volunteers measured the children’s feet and provided them with a brand-new pair of BOBS. All smiles, the kids took their new shoes over to the design table, equipped with markers, paint, pompoms and pipe cleaners to create their unique masterpieces.

Pizza was donated by our friends at Pizza Hotline, while games were set up throughout the park making this unique event an wonderful afternoon affair.

With the first Canadian event proving successful, we hope to join Skechers Canada in other Canadian cities!

How You Can Help Support BOBS by Skechers

You too can help! With every purchase of BOBS by Skechers, you’re helping a child in need.  Since the brand launched in 2011, BOBS has donated over 6 million pairs of shoes and with your help, we can work towards ensuring every child has a pair of shoes on their feet. Shop BOBS here!