February, 2013

10 Things You Didn't Know About Uggs

UGGS! So much more than fabulous comfy boots, the iconic Aussie brand once began on the sandy shores of Byron Bay, far away from the high profile attention they get today, and definitely nowhere near the freezing Canadian climate that we..er..enjoy. Here are 10 things that might surprise you about Ugg Australia:

1. Flip-flops at the beach? Nope. 

In the 70's, surfers in Byron Bay first started wearing sheepskin 'footies' in between riding the waves at now infamous breaks The Pass, Cozy Corner and Wategos. The sheepskin, in abundance in Australia, provided natural warmth and comfort. On the beaches of New South Wales, the brand was born.  

2. It all started with the guys

Believe it or not, when Uggs were brought to California in 1978, girls were wearing their surfer [...] Read more

QuarkStyle Behind The Brand: Clarks

The Clarks brand is synonymous with innovation and superiour quality. As a brand, Clarks' mission it so inspire, imagine and create, with integrity. At their core, Clarks' passion is to "listen to our customers and deliver a product that allows the consumer to feel the pride, respect and trust of everyone at The Clarks Companies". Clarks is involved in a number of initiatives aimed at social responsibility, including environmental stewardship programs, employment and working conditions standards and a variety of charitable campaigns. 

So where does the story begin? Let's go back to 1825. It all started with Cyrus Clark and his brother James, sheepskin tanners from Somerset, England. The aha! moment came in 1830 when James created sheepskin slippers from scrap in the shop. [...] Read more

QuarkStyle Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her: Under $100

Roses and chocolates aren't the only gifts worth giving her this Valentine's Day. Instead, give her something that she really wants, for under $100. After all, she's usually shopping for shoes online, not chocolates. The day is fast approaching and we've compiled a tried and true list of highly coveted items, so you won't get caught empty handed when that special day comes around.  Every item on this list retails for less than $100, so you can still afford those long stemmed roses... just sayin'.

Mossbud Insulated Vest from The North Face

This silky soft vest from The North Face is designed with PrimaLoft® Eco insulation to provide superior warmth. The North Face has proven that warmth need not mean bulk, and this vest is a perfect example. It's [...] Read more

QuarkStyle Valentine's Day GiftGuide: For Him

Valentine's Day. Whether you love it, or you hate it, it's coming, and we think it's getting a bad rap. There are two ways you can approach this touchy subject (no pun intended), ignore it or embrace it. Let's face it, if you're in a relationship, it's probably not a good idea to ignore it (we've been there). If you're single, it can be a painful reminder. Many think Valentine's Day is an artifically contrived day that puts too much pressure on couples and singles alike. Last year, Canadians spent an average of $126 each on disposable Valentine's Day gifts (majority being wine, chocolate and flowers). So if you're tired of the same old Valentine's Day offerings, we have compiled a list of quality items for him that won't wilt and die after a few days, affect his [...] Read more